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We welcome you to Artfood Staff Agency & Hospitality Training Center

Our Mission is to, work to open opportunities for all members
of the community , helping people everywhere get the skills and
training to excel in the hospitality industry and advance in their careers.  

Artfood Staff Agency & Hospitality Training Center has put together a development program focused on the well-paid sector of the hospitality  industry. 
Our courses include the following:

  On-Call Banquet & Catering Server
  Busser & Runner
  Event Set-Up & Break-Down
  Equipment Identification
  English for Hospitality
  Alcohol Awareness Certification
  Food Handler Certification

We also will be covering topics like
Acknowledging and properly greeting others.
Creating a positive first impression
Reading the table: anticipating needs before they become       equest.    
Welcoming guest complaints as being opportunities
Contemporary up selling techniques for service excellence.

It's more important than ever before to respond properly. Whereas in the
past, an unhappy guest told 9-10 others, today's guest can become our
biggest fan or our worst nightmares. With the continued explosion of social
media posting and online guest reviews, the walls of hotels, restaurants,
private homes, and events are essentially made of Glass; everything that
happens within can clearly be seen by basically anyone in the outside world.